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Książka Learn to Ride (2008/9 Edition)

Learn to Ride (2008/9 Edition)

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Język: angielski

Wydawnictwo: Haynes

Oprawa: miękka

Numer katalogowy: 288713

Dostępność: produkt chwilowo niedostępny

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Learn to Ride (2008/9 Edition) - opis

A sister publication to the highly successful Learn to Drive, this colourful new edition contains everything you need to know to master the skills of motorcycling. Fully updated with all the new regulations and test details, it takes you from the first stages of Compulsory Basic Training through to passing your theory and practical motorcycle tests. It makes the ideal study aid, combining all the elements of the motorcycle test - including the full list of theory questions - in a single volume. Clearly written and illustrated, the book contains top-class photography that directly relates the advice given to real-life riding situations on the road.
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