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Książka FX4 Black Cab Manual (Paperback)

FX4 Black Cab Manual (Paperback)

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Wydawnictwo: Haynes

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FX4 Black Cab Manual (Paperback) - opis

An insight into the history and development of the famous London taxi. 1958 to 1997
The Haynes FX4 Black Cab Manual traces the history and development of the ubiquitous Austin FX4 London Taxi, built between 1958 and 1997. From the origins of the Hackney carriage, the author follows the evolution of the taxi through early 20th century designs by William Beardmore of Glasgow to the dominance of later vehicles commissioned from Austin by Mann and Overton in 1929. Later designs follow a distinct lineage and despite continual improvement of the design over the years, coupled with a succession of more refined and cleaner diesel engines, the black cab remains an enduring icon of Britain's transport heritage.
'a great read' Daily Mail
Author: In a taxi-driving career spanning almost 40 years, Bill Munro has driven every version of the FX4. As well as producing Vintage Taxi (the magazine of the London Vintage Taxi Association) and contributing to the London cab trade press, he has written several other taxi-related books.
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