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Książka Villeneuve Gilles - Gilles Villeneuve

Villeneuve Gilles - Gilles Villeneuve

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Język: angielski

Wydawnictwo: Haynes

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Villeneuve Gilles - Gilles Villeneuve - opis

Gilles Villeneuve was the quintessential racing driver - brave, dashing and passionate. He had a raw, untamed talent for controlling a racing car at its limit, and is one of the few truly iconic drivers. His epic last-lap struggle with René Arnoux in the 1979 French GP and his lap on three wheels at Zandvoort the same year have passed into motor racing folklore. This superbly produced book brings Villeneuve's career vividly to life through stunning images sourced exclusively from the archives of LAT, the world's biggest library of motor racing photographs. "This superbly illustrated book captures the essence of the very successful and immensely popular Formula One driver" Motoring & Leisure "...this new title manages to come up with rarely seen shots of the Ferrari star which make it a worthwhile buy." Auto Express
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