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Książka Jaguar: All the Cars (2nd Edition)

Jaguar: All the Cars (2nd Edition)

Cena detaliczna: 157,02 zł

Twoja cena: 147,21 zł

Język: angielski

Wydawnictwo: Haynes

Oprawa: twarda

Numer katalogowy: 375167

Dostępność: produkt chwilowo niedostępny

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Jaguar: All the Cars (2nd Edition) - opis

First published in 2003, this extensively researched guide provides exhaustive reference detail for all Jaguar models, supported by facts, figures and photographs. Information provided includes technical specifications, production changes, chassis numbers, production quantities, colour schemes, options and accessories. For ease of reference, each model is covered in a separate chapter, and all information is presented in clear tabular form. Brought right up to date to include the new XF, this is a definitive reference work for enthusiasts, those looking to buy a Jaguar and anyone with a general interest in the marque.
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